Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences


The 3rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM & WORKSHOP On Functional Genomics And Structural Biology


On behalf of the Organising Committee of FGSB 2018, we take great pleasure in extending our invitation to you to participate in this Symposium and Workshop jointly organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia and Codon Genomics.

Functional genomics determines the biological function of genes and their products through the investigation of transcriptomes, proteomes, metabolomes and phenomes; while structural biology provides insights of protein structure and functions. The knowledge derived from these areas drives the major breakthroughs at the new frontiers of science.

The primary objective of this Symposium and Workshop is to provide a venue for researchers from diverse disciplines to present their recent findings, to exchange ideas and to explore multi-disciplinary collaborations. The Symposium comprises two days of scientific presentations covering all aspects of genome analysis, transcriptome profiling, protein profiling, protein-protein interactions, metabolite profiling, genotype to phenotype, data integration, modelling and prediction, protein 3D structure, X-ray diffraction, NMR, electron microscopy and molecular docking, that contribute to gene discovery, and assignment of gene and protein functions in the post-genome era. The three-day workshop provides theory, hands-on training in data analysis and interpretation as well as an avenue to discuss research ideas and challenges. The workshop will focus on advanced transcriptome analysis.

Scopes Of Symposium


¨ Biological Databases and Networks

¨ Data Mining in Bioinformatics

¨ Phylogenetic Analysis

¨ Omics (Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, …)

¨ Elucidation of Gene Functions

¨ Protein Modelling and Simulation

¨ Protein Docking and Virtual Screening

¨ Protein Crystallisation and Structure Determination

¨ Protein Folding and Interaction

¨ Molecular Biology

Important Dates

Symposium: 23-24 July 2018
Workshop: 25-27 July 2018

Online registration
15 April 2018
Abstract Submission
30 April 2018
30 June 2018



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